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Sickle Cell and Mental Health

Mental Heath is a neglected issue in SCD comprehensive and preventative care. Little research has been done on the social, emotional, and psychological effects on the impact of mental health and well-being on SCD. ESCF has embarked on a research project to better recognize, understand, and support the mental health of individuals living with SCD.

This research study aims to characterize mental health disparities faced by individuals living with SCD, with a special focus on the mental impacts of the main symptoms and complications faced by affected people. ESCF welcomes partnerships with expert clinicians, psychologists, researchers, patients and everyone interested in this topic.

For further information or start a partnership, please contact either:

David-Z. Issom, MSc, PhD cand

Lora Ruth Wogu

Section title
Sickle Cell and The Mind

We co-organized a conference on April 24 to talk about mental health aspects and assess patient interest in this topic. Several topics were discussed:

  • Patients and the overprotection of caregivers, which is not very emancipatory
  • Neglect and ignorance of mental health.
  • Lack of follow-up
  • The difficulties that mental health generates on daily self-management practices
  • Lack of knowledge of everything you need to pay attention to in order to have greater autonomy
  • The practice of sport and the motivational aspects, in this case the importance of taking it step by step and getting started.
Take Home

1. Patients have noticed the strength, determination and resilience of people with sickle cell disease and what gives them this strength, namely the desire to live, to preserve their essence the importance of social, family, spouses, relatives.


2. Stakeholders and the audience also discussed the strategies put in place to manage the disease when they are alone with themselves or people who are unfamiliar with the disease.


Our Mission is to engage in a united, unique and strong voice for Sickle Cell patients, family members, carers, and all national patient organisations of people with Sickle Cell Disease.

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